3 Biggest 4WD Payload Killers

Payload is important because very few 4WDs can act as capable, reliable tourers in their stock form.

In most cases, you’ll need to add about 150-500 kg of aftermarket equipment in order to raise the car’s survivability, offroad performance and practicality. Such items are:

  • bullbar
  • winch
  • door sill protection
  • bash plates
  • suspension lift
  • light truck tyres
  • lights
  • compressor
  • fridge
  • drawers
  • second battery
  • roof rack
  • second spare wheel
  • recovery gear
  • awning

All of these items add weight.

Why You Run Out Of Payload.

Barwork, rear drawers and fluids are your 3 biggest payload killers.

  • Bullbar (40-60 kg) and stand-off bars (40-50 kg) instantly kill over 100 kg of your payload. Rear bars are particularly heavy – and sit behind your most vulnerable point – the rear axle. Do not add one of those if you plan to tow.
  • Drawers (50 kg) with a fridge (30 kg) full of food and beer (30 kg) on a drop-down slide (30 kg) already tallies up to 140 kg. By the time you fill the drawers with recovery gear (20 kg), tools (20 kg), kitchen stuff (10 kg) and a second battery (20 kg) to power the fridge you’re well over 200 kg. “Chucking a set of drawers in the back” isn’t as simple as it sounds!
  • Diesel or water in a couple of jerry cans on the roof? Another 40 kg gone.

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